Bump - 2016

The first collection released by Lemons Ceramics - A self-proclaimed clumsy Potter, the accidental bumping of newly thrown pots resulted in Shaw decided to highlight the movement and imperfect handmade features from knocked pieces. The bumping of the work creates a beautiful physical representation of an honest humorous glimpse into the ceramics process and challenges set aesthetics of mass produced dinnerware. This process results in functional, unique objects featuring Lemons Ceramics standard glaze in a considered variety of soft tones. 'Bump' has seen a very successful reception, a feature in The Design Files and well stocked in respected retailers Australia wide, appreciators of handmade ceramics are collecting new Lemons pieces in excitement.  The range is stoneware and food safe.


Hunting For George 'Jimmy' Ceramics Range  - 2017 

White freckle stoneware tableware and decor. The popular range is a simple, practical handmade table vessels, the perfect addition to any design-centered home.

Available at



Dale Hardiman, Object Therapy - 2016

knife Handle, made from clay sourced and dug from the beautiful red land of Eppalock, land traditionally owned and bordering Dja Dja Wurrung and the Taungurung countries. 

For Hotel Hotel and Nishi Gallery Canberra 



Dowel Jones,  Rock Barrel Lamp - 2017

The thrown stoneware collaboration between Lemons Ceramics and Dowel Jones. For inquiries contact via their site.



Nope Sisters Masecto-Cup - 2017

This stoneware vessel was made with the New Zealand social enterprise, Nope Sisters,  the pieces featured the well-known design in support of Breast Cancer survivors - The vessel was auctioned off and the proceeds were donated to the chosen charity.